Can Lawyers Love Their Jobs?

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“The law is reason, free from passion”.  Wise words from Aristotle. Perhaps he’s right when it comes to applying the law, but is he right when it comes to choosing which area of the law to practice in? Is it possible for lawyers to be passionate about their work? Can lawyers inject personality and interests into their work to make a meaningful contribution and find personal fulfillment? Absolutely. Here are two lawyers doing just that.

Carly Dunster, Toronto, ON

Food law. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? What is it?

Food law broadly encompasses everything from diners to food trucks to international wholesalers and for Carly Dunster, it’s a passion-filled career. Carly combined her passion for food and her legal skills, gave them a mix and created Carly Dunster Law, a firm dedicated to helping the food industry progress.

“I have always had a deep love and appreciation for food and cooking. Using my legal skills to assist food entrepreneurs, food initiatives, farmers, and restaurants, particularly in this time of boundary-pushing concerning the way we interact with food, is to me a very meaningful merging of my love of food and my legal skills.” (Taken from

Sheila Evani, Vancouver, BC

Medha is a Sanskrit word meaning “intellect illuminated by compassion” and forms the underlying basis of Medha Legal Services, a firm that advises small to medium businesses, non-profits, charities and social entrepreneurs. Sheila Evani, principal and founder, has a passion for compassion. Even though she enjoyed practicing corporate law at a firm in Vancouver, she experienced a lack of fulfillment. She decided to take some time way to think about what it was she truly wanted. She eventually found herself at various events with social entrepreneurs and founders of non-profits.

Sheila focused on building relationships and after some time, she became the go-to for legal advice. By getting involved in the community, her services became visible and accessible. What can we take from this? Proximity is key to building your network. Once you realize the types of clients you want to work for (as that’s what will ultimately drive your legal practice) it pays to become visible.

Not only do these two lawyers practice in areas of the law that keep them interested, but they also fuel their passions in other ways. Carly Dunster, apart from food law expert, is a freelance food writer. She writes for a blog on Home Cooking called Carly’s Whey. Sheila, apart from non-profit advocate, is a yoga teacher. She has taught yoga to women overcoming drug and alcohol addiction in Vancouver’s eastside.

Our interests can form more than just passed time on the weekends. They can actually form meaningful careers. It’s worth taking some time in reflection to figure out how your interests can steer your legal career, as working with passion is a sure way to add value for your clients and drive your success.

Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.” – T. Alan Armstrong

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  1. Very thoughtful Carly . . . and VERY true in any career choice.
    As your professional and personal lifes age and mature, one magical thing occurs, IF you have combined your passions with your life choices; and that is that suddenly all the pieces of your life fit neatly together into a wonderful, successful mosaic.
    I enjoyed your thoughts and your two profiles.
    Thank you!

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